Approval of architectural projects

  • basic evaluation
  • preliminary design
  • design
  • approval planning

Project coordination

Coordination between all experts involved in the planning process.

Practical plan














For the correct execution of all work in construction.


  • quantity determination to call for tenders
  • compare individual quotations of builders
  • advising the client on the assignment of the work

Project management

  • overall project direction
  • management of planning & building phase

Construction supervision

  • during construction period
  • ensuring the correct execution of the construction

Client representation

  • during license process
  • during construction process

Survey reports

Economic considerations of the construction measures in the design and planning phase and a quality-conscious execution planning as preparation for the construction work form the basis and allow a flawless execution of the work, a sustainable architecture and a security of the value of your property. My office is at your side in all phases of your project, plans future-oriented, ensures the quality of the executions and supports you in all areas of the construction process in order to achieve your goals safely.

  • single-family houses
  • apartment buildings
  • villas
  • hotels
  • industrial buildings
  • restaurants / cafés